St. Francis de Sales
in Powhatan County, Virginia is a nationally significant historic landmark where our country's most fundamental principles were upheld during a difficult time.

Once alive with activity and success, the high school closed in 1970. Now empty, hidden and abandoned, it somewhat gracefully, slips away.
For lack of funding, awareness and support, over 50 historic buildings that once stood here, have been lost forever. St. Francis de Sales (pictured top right) is all that remains here of a mostly forgotten, unique American story of courage, determination, leadership and dignity.

A glimpse of what was once St. Francis de Sales, its significance and a possible plan for a sustainable future is contained in this website.

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Katharine's Foundation, a non-profit 501(C)(3) community organization, has recently been formed to develop awareness, organize support for a stabilization campaign and develop a solution to benefit our community.
Join us in an effort to preserve this building and a great American story.