It is difficult today to comprehend the "outside world" of this time. For many, the only bridge we have is the fact that this time was not that long ago.
Imagine floating over the water towards a castle upon a hill where the world was a better place. Even this flat boat possessed enchanted qualities. In the early 1930's, student Marie Marks wrote in the school paper about "Our Flat Boat".
"Yes I am the 'FLAT', I have grown old from usage, but I would not change places with any George Washington Bridge, nor Brooklyn Bridge, nor any kind of 'highfalutin' bridge, I just want to be the plain 'FLAT' and carry my girls back and forth across the river.
I know many people would pride themselves if they held the intimate knowledge of as many girls as I. I have brought young girls over that have never been alone in the world before, girls that have just left their mothers for the first time, girls full of hope, expectation, joy, full of life, girls fairly bubbling over with the glory of youth, girls with a flash in their eye, eager to taste the thrills of High School life."

Yvette Mathison - Class of 1952 - "The schooling , training and discipline received during that era was phenomenal.  I still vividly remember the classes, praying, school work and kitchen work, polishing the hallways, excelling in subjects and sports, the boys from the adjoining Academy and last but not least, the nuns, Sister Gail, Sister Ildefaunce, (hip swinging) Sister Madeline and many others.
Simply put, I care about this place that some interested souls are attempting to preserve ... I'm going to lend a hand, whatever I can but if everyone would send something it would add to accomplishing restoration of this grand castle and encourage bringing it back to life and to service."

Patricia Gunn - Class of 1969 - "I fell immediately in love with the beauty of the land, the James River, the ancient sense of belonging there, and the wonderful people I met there, I loved the rigorous academic program that nurtured not only our minds, but our hearts and spirits, as well. . . . I loved the lifelong friends I made there."
Notable Alumnae

Alma Matney ‘63

(co-founder Detroit Literacy Volunteers; former Ebony Fashion Fair model; daughter of former NBC news reporter Bill Matney; Detroit, MI)*

Amentha Wilkes Dymally ‘ 56
(Actress; former wife of Lt. Governor Mervyn Dymally; Los Angeles, CA)

Barbara Shannon Banister ’53
( Chief, City of Aurora, Community Relations Division; Aurora, CO)

Faith Fancher '68
(Former KTVU reporter, Pioneer, Well-Known Crusader in the Breast cancer Fight) *

Ellen Tarry
(Author – "My Dog Rinty", "The Third Door", "Martin de Porres- saint of the New World", "The other Toussant: a modern biography of PierreToussaint"; New York, NY)

Cheryl Griffin Cash ’62
(City Attorney – Houston, Texas)

Diahanne Abbott ’63
(Actress – former wife of actor
Robert DeNiro)

Dorothy Brown ’58
(Deputy Inspector General & Black Employment Program Manager, Los Angeles Air Force Base, - El Segundo, CA)

Gwenthaland Jones ’65
(first black female sheriff state of Alabama; Tuskegee, AL)*

Marcellette Gay Williams '60
(Past Interim Chancellor; University of Massachusetts, Amherst)

Maria Salas Marino
(jazz vocalist; Los Angeles, CA)*

Sylvia Dale Mason ’67 (wife of "Dream Team" Attorney Johnny Cochran; Los Angeles, CA)

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