Katharine's' Foundation is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization
Our mission is:
1) To raise support for the preservation of this historic building
2) To develop an awareness campaign for the human rights leadership and the remarkable contributions made to American history by Saint Katharine Drexel and the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament
3) To explore a variety of educational/human services and implement a "best use" strategy for the St. Francis de Sales building

The facility is surrounded by 2000 acres of rolling farmland and forests overlooking the James River. This adjacent land will be placed in a conservation easement and will remain in its natural state in perpetuity. This is an opportunity for the community to utilize this unique resource in a way which benefits us all.

Historical Development
Once preserved, St. Francis de Sales could stand as a monument to the opportunity provided to many Americans in an unfortunate period of our history. This is a unique place where Americans united despite the prevailing system. Here, they worked and progressed together as one. In difficult times, it was a giant step in the right direction.
As a preserved example of history, the site would become an appealing experience, with a draw for many Americans - effectively educating and inspiring here once again.

Human Services/Educational Development

There are many elements inherent in this facility which could have an immediate, positive impact on individuals of any age.
There is a wide field of services which could be offered. We look forward to a number of meetings with those involved in these areas.

A Facility for Environmental Study and Learning
With 2000 protected acres surrounding the building, this facility can provide haven for wildlife study and education.


We encourage others to speak up, contact us and get involved. We welcome your input, volunteer service and support. For more information please take just a minute to answer our questionnaire or contact Sr. Maureen T. Carroll, SBS at (804) 598-8938.