Emergency Stabilization Campaign Now Underway

Help preserve St. Francis de Sales, an American landmark.
Recently, this historic school was named one of Virginia's 10 most endangered buildings by the APVA. A fund to preserve the building and address structural issues in key areas has been started.
In September 2007, a structural report detailed several areas which need immediate attention. For more information maureentc@aol.com

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FrancisEmma, Inc.
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FrancisEmma,Inc is a 501 (c)(3) Community Charity recognized by the Internal Revenue Service. All donations are tax deductible.


Other Ways to Help

Win-Win Partnerships
For more information call Sr. Maureen Carroll, SBS at at (804) 598-8938 or email us at maureentc@aol.com

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General description of the building's
most urgent areas.

The Chapel - Significant damage has already occurred in the building’s most beautiful and sacred area. Without immediate structural measures, stained glass windows, original custom crafted moldings, and the chapel itself could be lost.
Estimated stabilization cost $150,000.

Bell Tower - Significant damage has occurred here as well. Additional support is needed to protect the building’s eighty foot tower from shifting and possible collapse.
Estimated stabilization cost $90,000.

Front Porch - Restricted area due to structural support issues. Progressing damage will soon destroy original stone masonry in ceiling.
Estimated stabilization cost $45,000.

Rear Exterior Masonry - Rows of exterior layer of bricks falling leaving each row above unsupported.
Estimated stabilization cost $25,000.

Roof Replacement - The building's slate roof is nearly 60 years old and has a number of areas where the building is exposed. To best protect the entire building a new roof is recommended as soon as possible.
Estimated stabilization cost $400,000